#BookReview: Who We Were Before by Leah Mercer


About the Book:

Zoe knows that it wasn’t really her fault. Of course it wasn’t. But if she’d just grasped harder, run faster, lunged quicker, she might have saved him. And Edward doesn’t really blame her, though his bitter words at the time still haunt her, and he can no more take them back than she can halt the car that killed their son.

Two years on, every day is a tragedy. Edward knows they should take healing steps together, but he’s tired of being shut out. For Zoe, it just seems easier to let grief lead the way.

A weekend in Paris might be their last hope for reconciliation, but mischance sees them separated before they’ve even left Gare du Nord. Lost and alone, Edward and Zoe must try to find their way back to each other—and find their way back to the people they were before. But is that even possible?

My Thoughts:

I found this novel to be a really quick read and I read it in one afternoon. The story was a mixed bag for me though, some parts I thought were really well done and other parts just weren’t for me.

I’ll start by saying that I found the descriptions of grief after losing a child were done well and these parts of the book got to me and made me feel quite emotional at times. Unfortunately, I did find the other elements of the relationship between Zoe and Edward a bit too cliche for my taste. The way they grieved in different ways seemed very true to life and I can understand how losing a child can pull even the strongest relationship apart but there were things that each of them did that just didn’t feel believable to me.

I knew this was a contemporary novel going into it but I’d expected, from the synopsis and cover design, that there might be more psychological elements to it and I didn’t expect it to be so much of a romance novel, so it’s very possible that the fault lies with my not realising what the novel was rather than with the novel per se.

I would still recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys romance novels that have serious themes running through them.

I received this book from Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.