Getting rid of books

Yesterday I decided to sort out my bookcases and make an attempt to weed out some of the books that have languished there for years. I did much better than I thought I would and managed to get rid of 71 books, which have now been donated to my local library. 

I feel a bit uncomfortable that the majority of books I got rid of were unread but really if a book has remained unread on your shelves for around a decade, it’s probably never going to be read. I like that fact that the books being at the library means they have a much better chance of being read.

I’ve also dedicated a shelf to books that I maybe should have just got rid of but I still feel a pull towards them and have set myself a time limit of a year – so if the books are still unread at the end of December this year then they all have to go. No excuses! 

It feels good to finally be making a start on having bookcases with fewer books but books that I really, really want to read/re-read and not books that I feel guilty about not reading. I can’t wait to weed out some more books now and to do some re-organising!