Actual books to ebooks ratio

I’m very aware that since I got my Kindle in April 2010 that I read a lot more ebooks than actual books so in 2012 I kept track of how I was reading. It was still quite a surprise to discover that I read just 20 actual books as opposed to 218 ebooks! The remaining books were audio books. Due to various medical reasons I do find it easier to hold a Kindle than an actual book but I do still love reading an actual book.


So one of my resolutions for 2013 has to be to read more actual books – in no small way due to the fact that I have (according to my GoodReads account, which I try my best to keep up to date and accurate) 565 actual books on my To Be Read bookcases! I really want to reduce the amount of books that I have in my house this year. I love being surrounded by books but they are taking over the spare room, and as we plan on finally renovating that room this year it will be so much easier if I have fewer books. 


I’ve set myself a target to read 200 books in total this year, the same target as last year, but I’m unsure what target to set myself within that with regards to the number of actual books I read. I usually have a few books on the go at any one time so I’m thinking of making sure I always have an actual book, perhaps as my downstairs in the house book. I’ll see how I get on initially with this rule but it may be that I need to be stricter and set a numerical target!

I’ve got off to a good start as my first read of the year was a hardback book I got for Christmas – Bradley Wiggins’ autobiography. I have two ebooks on the go and I’m about to start another actual book that I got for Christmas!