That Was The Month That Was… November 2022!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I last posted anything on here so I feel a bit rusty. My main reason for not blogging is because I’ve been in a horrible reading slump that’s been going on since June. I’ve had a lot going on medically with a new physio regime and dealing with increased pain and symptoms so that’s affected my concentration a lot. Anyway, I have read quite a few books in November so now seemed a good time to come back to my blog to share those books.

Here’s what I read last month…

The first book I finished in November was Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid and I very much enjoyed this one. It’s very tennis-heavy but I loved that as I enjoy watching the Grand Slams throughout the year.

Then I borrowed Lemon by Yeo-Sun Kwon from Kindle Unlimited and I got completely engrossed in this short novel looking at the aftermath of a young woman’s body being found. It’s not a book with a resolution but the answers are all there throughout. I keep thinking about this one and would love to read more by this author.

Next I listened to the audiobook of The Enigma of Room 622 by Joel Dicker and I adored this! You do need to suspend disbelief when reading this author’s work but I don’t mind that, I just love his writing so much and always get swept up in his novels.

After that I picked up Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult from my NetGalley shelf. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I’d hoped I would, it just felt like it was a little too long and there was too much going on. It was still a decent read though and I’m sure I’ll be picking up this author’s next book.

Then I read a festive novel – On the First Day of Christmas by Faith Hogan. This wasn’t as Christmassy as I was hoping for but it was still such a page turner and I read it pretty much in one sitting. It’s a sliding doors story, which I always love!

I then found myself in the mood for some non-fiction so picked up You Are Not a Before Picture by Alex Light. I’m torn on how I feel about this book as it’s so positive about all body shapes and sizes, which is good but it also felt very against anyone trying to improve their physical appearance and health so that annoyed me.

Happy New Year by Malin Stehn was my next read and it was a bit of a slog. I enjoyed the idea of the story more than the actual book I read.

Then I read Flight by Lynn Steger Strong, which is a stunning novel looking at three members of a family coming together for their first Christmas since their mother died suddenly a few months previously. I found this so moving and beautiful. It’s a slow novel but it’s so engrossing. I loved it and really want to read more by this author.

Next up was The Prisoner by B. A. Paris which I found unputdownable. It requires so much suspension of disbelief but I didn’t care, I was fully invested in all the twists and turns of this novel and I found it so satisyfing to read!

Then I picked up a Christmas audiobook from NetGalley – A White Christmas on Winter Street by Sue Moorcroft and this was such a gorgeous, festive read and I adored it!

My next Kindle read was The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell and I loved this sequel to The Family Upstairs. I found I was straight into the story and wanting to know what was going to happen to this family.

After that my Borrowbox hold on Christmas at the Little Cottage on the Hill by Emma Davies arrived on my phone so I listened to this and I loved it. This was such a lovely festive read and now I really want to go and stay in this fictional cottage and to spend time with all the characters!

Finally I read The Christmas Wish by Lindsey Kelk and this ended the month on an absolute high. This is a Ground Hog day style novel and I adored it. It was such a fun read with characters that reminded of some of my own family. I loved this novel so much and feel sure I’ll be picking it up again next Christmas!

So that’s my reading month and I’m really happy to have got back to reading more regularly, now I just hope it continues on! I don’t know how often I’ll be blogging but I am going to try and post more frequently in the coming weeks.


8 thoughts on “That Was The Month That Was… November 2022!

  1. Hello Hayley lovely to see your post and read your news. Looks like a fab bookish month. I listened to the audiobook of Mad Honey via BorrowBox and loved it in that format and can see why you thought it was too long as it did take a while to get going. xx

  2. Hi Hayley, lovely to “see” you again. Sorry that you’ve been struggling, but glad to hear that you’re getting back into reading and blogging now 😊

  3. It looks like you came back with a bang. What a wonderful month of reading! Hope December will bring you lots of wonderful reads too. Happy reading!

  4. Lovely to see you back and sorry to hear about the pain and symptoms and the reading slump. Looks like you’re out of that one at least now, that’s some super books you’ve read. I have saved my Christmassy books for this month and now feel like I might not fit them in!

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