Reading Bingo 2021!

Today I’m playing reading bingo on my blog to see if I got a full house for my reading in 2021! I never look at the card through the year so its always interesting putting this post together and seeing if I can cross off all of the squares!

A book with more than 500 pages

The Romanovs: 1618-1918 by Simon Sebag Montefiore

A forgotten classic

Therese Raquin by Emile Zola

A book that became a movie

I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid

A book that was published this year

Safe at Home by Lauren North

A book with a number in the title

When I Was Ten by Fiona Cummins

A book written by someone under 30

A Kind of Spark by Elle McNicoll

A book with non-human characters

How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith

A funny book

Black Buck by Mateo Askaripour

A book by a female author

Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult

A book with a mystery

Truth Be Told by Kia Abdullah

A book with a one-word title

Consent by Vanessa Springora

A book of short stories

Where Snow Angels Go by Maggie O’Farrell

Free square

Homecoming by Luan Goldie

A book set on a different continent

The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer by Joel Dicker

A book of non-fiction

Illness as a Metaphor and AIDS and its Metaphors by Susan Sontag

The first book by a favourite author

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

A book you heard about online

The Missing Girl by Jenny Quintana

A best-selling book

No One is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood

A book based on a true story

Orphans of the Storm by Celia Imrie

A book at the bottom of your to be read pile

Just Me by Sheila Hancock

A book your friend loves

The Pact by Sharon Bolton

A book that scares you

This Little Family by Ines Bayard

A book that is more than 10 years old

We Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol Oates

The second book in a series

Tuesdays Gone by Nicci French

A book with a blue cover

The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell

So as you’ll be able to tell I didn’t really complete Reading Bingo this year as I didn’t read a collection of short stories – the book I put for that was just a single story. I also didn’t really read a forgotten classic as Emile Zola’s Therese Raquin is well known (although it was kind of forgotten to me as it had languished unread on my TBR for years before I finally picked it up so maybe it should count). I’m happy with what I did manage to check off on my bingo card though and it’s a nice chance to show off some more great books!

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