WWW Wednesdays (16 Jun ’21)! What are you reading at the moment?

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. It’s open for anyone to join in and is a great way to share what you’ve been reading!

Current Reads

Everything Happens for a Reason by Katie Allen

This is a moving novel about a woman trying to come to terms with, and understand the reasons for, the stillbirth of her son. She is trying desperately to find the reason why it happened and decides to try and find the man whose life she saved the day she found out she was pregnant. I’m really enjoying this one so far and am keen to read more of it very soon.

All the Young Men by Ruth Coker Burks

This book is just incredible and if it weren’t for my eye problems I think I would have read it in one sitting. As it is I can only manage a few pages at a time so I’m thinking of buying a kindle copy so that I can just read it all now, I really want to get to know Ruth’s story of her time caring for men with AIDS in a time when there was very little care from anyone else in her community.

Recent Reads

Super Sick by Allison Alexander

I really enjoyed this non-fiction book which explores Allison’s experiences of chronic illness and pain through the lens of superheroes. I loved the way she wrote this book and it added a different dynamic to her story. I could identify with a lot of what is in this book being disabled and a chronic pain sufferer myself. I will be reviewing this one as soon as I’ve got my thoughts in order but in the meantime I recommend it.

The First Day of Spring by Nancy Tucker

I got approved for the audiobook of this from NetGalley this week and I immediately started listening to it. It’s a novel told in two timelines about a young girl who murdered a younger child. Her story is heartbreaking and you can’t help but feel for her with the life she has led. This is such a good read and one I’ll be thinking of for a while to come.

This is How We Are Human by Louise Beech

This is one of the most beautiful books I’ve read in a really long time. It’s the story of Sebastian, an autistic young man who just wants to have sex; his lovely mum; and Violetta who works as an escort in order to be able to pay for specialist care for her father. Louise is such an incredible writer and I can’t put into words how amazing this book is. I will be reviewing it later this week once I’ve got my thoughts together but I definitely recommend it!

True Crime Story by Joseph Knox

Oh my goodness, this book is brilliant! It’s the best crime fiction book I’ve read in ages and I keep finding myself thinking about it. It follows a woman who is writing a book about a missing young woman, and her email correspondence with Joseph Knox. We also get to read all the chapters of her book along side her and Joseph’s chats about it. This is a book that keeps you on your toes all the way to the end – it’s creepy and gripping and it’s just a rollercoaster ride. I recommend this one!

What I Might Read Next

Passenger List by John Dryden

The Final Revival of Opal and Nev by Dawnie Walton

Leaving Atlanta by Tayari Jones

I don’t know what I’ll read this week but Passenger List is the next book on my NetGalley shelf so I hope to get to this one. The other two are books that I treated myself to this week and am very keen to read so I really want to try and make time to read them.

12 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays (16 Jun ’21)! What are you reading at the moment?

  1. So many lovely books! I’ve just finished The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker. It was brilliant. I read it on my kindle but I’ll have to get a copy.

  2. Ooh, I’ll be interested in what you think about the Tayari Jones! I have just finished Kit De Waal’s “Common People,” an anthology of working-class memoir I really liked, and am reading Maya Angelou’s next instalment, “Gather Together in my Name” which I am reading alongside my friend Ali, now safely out of hospital and recovering at home thank goodness. So a bit emotional reading that one. Next up will be Akala’s memoir, or a NetGalley book.

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