That Was The Month That Was… March 2021!

March has been an okay month. My husband is back on furlough as his working from home ended in February so we’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. We’ve only just discovered Schitt’s Creek and it’s so good! We’ve also somehow become quite addicted to The Chase!

We’ve been thinking about buying Monopoly recently but when we spotted the David Bowie edition we simply had to get to it right away! It arrived this week and we’ve already played one game – it was a lot of fun.

I’m pleasantly surprised to discover how many books I managed to read (or finish reading as some of these books were started earlier in the year) throughout March. I’m still not picking up books as often as is normal for me but when I do get into a book I am finding my concentration is better than it was so fingers crossed that this horrible reading slump is on its way out. I did listen to quite a lot of audio books and that is really working for me at the moment so I hope to listen to more in April!

The Books I Read in March

Hungry by Grace Dent

Quite by Claudia Winkleman

The Festival by Sarah J. Naughton

The Searcher by Tana French

Just Like The Other Girls by Claire Douglas

The Silent Friend by Diane Jeffrey

Lockdown by Peter May

The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer by Joel Dicker

The Things We Left Unsaid by Emma Kennedy

Homecoming by Luan Goldie

All the Lonely People by Mike Gayle

The Hidden Girls by Rebecca Whitney

The Castaways by Lucy Clarke

Rest and Be Thankful by Emma Glass

Negroland: A Memoir by Margo Jefferson

The Illustrated Child by Polly Crosby

Agatha Raisin and the Perfect Paragon by M. C. Beaton

New Boy by Tracy Chevalier

Beside Myself by Ann Morgan

People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd

No One is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood

Everything is Beautiful by Eleanor Ray

The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean

How was your March? I hope it was okay, it still feels like life is very far from normal so I hope you’re all doing alright. I’d love to know what you’ve been reading over the last month or so. 🙂

13 thoughts on “That Was The Month That Was… March 2021!

  1. Well done on such a great month! I am reading The Last Thing to Burn this month and I am so excited! I’ve heard lots of great things!

  2. That’s a lovely lot of books! I’ve read some good ones, I just really enjoyed The Rise of the Ultra Runners by Adharanand Finn – and I’m sorry to say some of that enjoyment is because he’s been a bit egotistical in other books and going off road for long runs really kicks his arse, which is amusing to read. Also have read some great Persephones and finally got rid of the last 2019 book on my TBR …

    • Thank you! Well done on getting to the last book from your 2019 TBR, I’m very impressed. I’m currently working on reading all of my NetGalley books but my overall TBR is out of control. I’m not sure what my plan will be once I’ve caught up with NetGalley but I need to come up with one.

  3. Some great reads there Hayley. Re watching the TV although we’ve still been working, we’ve found ourselves recording and watching Richard Osman’s House of Games. Just half an hour of fun.

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