My Year in Non-Fiction! #NonFicNov



I’m taking part as Non-Fiction November again and this year there is a weekly prompt set by a different blogger each week. This week the prompt as been chosen by Julie at Julz Reads and it’s all about looking back over the non-fiction we’ve read this year.

Take a look back at your year of nonfiction and reflect on the following questions – What was your favourite nonfiction read of the year? Do you have a particular topic you’ve been attracted to more this year? What nonfiction book have you recommended the most? What are you hoping to get out of participating in Nonfiction November?


So far since the 1st January this year I’ve read 302 books and only 68 of them have been non-fiction, which I’m disappointed by. I love non-fiction and it usually makes up around a third of my reading. Hopefully Non-Fiction November will help me focus on non-fiction for the most part this month!


Thinking back over 2019 I thought I’d been most drawn to true crime but when I look through my year of reading on Goodreads it seems I’ve read more medical-related books. I’ve very much enjoyed most of the non-fiction that I’ve read this year.



I think the two books that have had the most impact on me this year have been Trauma by Dr Gordon Turnbull and After the Eclipse by Sarah Perry. Trauma because it was a history of how PTSD came to be recognised as a medical condition and how the treatment has evolved over the years. The author takes us back through cases that he has worked on and it’s fascinating. I suffered with PTSD for many years so this was of particular interest to me but I really do think it’s a book everyone would find very interesting. After the Eclipse is written by a woman whose mother was murdered when she was in the house and just a young teenager at the time. It really shows the love and the mixed up emotions around such a traumatic event at a young age but it also was an important reminder to me that in all the true crime documentaries we watch and read about that there is a victim and loved ones of that victim. It really humanises and shows the other side of a murder case. These are the two books that I would most recommend of my non-fiction reading this year.


I’m hoping that Non-Fiction November will help me focus more on non-fiction for a few weeks but also that it will allow me to get to some non-fiction that I’ve been putting off for one reason or another. I have such a huge stack of non-fiction books on my TBR and I’m so excited to read all of those books.

36 thoughts on “My Year in Non-Fiction! #NonFicNov

  1. That’s still a lot of non-fiction books read; I wouldn’t be too concerned if I were you. I’ve been as high as 50:50 some years but it’s usually more 66:33 in favour of fiction.

    • I know, I just feel a little disheartened that non-fiction doesn’t even make up a quarter of my reading this year. I think it’s perhaps that I needed more escapism so have read more thrillers than anything else. I suppose that’s the way it goes sometimes and I have read a lot of excellent books this year, which is the main thing.

  2. The book on Trauma sounds interesting. Part of me wants to buy it but I also know it would still be on the shelves a year from now since I am so slow to get to my non fiction TBR

    • Trauma was such a fascinating read, I recommend it. I know what you mean about trying not to buy books when you know they’ll be on your TBR for ages though, I’m trying to buy non-fiction when I’m ready to read it these days.

  3. I don’t read a massive amount of non fiction but have enjoyed quite a few this year which have been about books or reading. Lucy Mangan’s Bookworm has been a particular favourite. I’ve got Michelle Obama’s autobiography coming up on my tbr soon and really looking forward to that.

  4. Oh my GOD you read 302 books already! I’m super impressed. Both books you listed as favorites look really moving – and I’m looking forward to seeing how your Non Fiction November goes!

  5. You’ve read some really interesting nonfiction, Hayley. To be honest, I’ve not read as much nonfiction as fiction just lately, and this is a good reminder to balance my reading a bit more.

    • After the Eclipse is an excellent book, it’s one that has really stayed with me. Trauma is a fascinating book. I’ve bought a lot of non-fiction over the years that is still unread on my shelves so I understand you not buying a copy.

  6. That is an impressive number of non-fiction books, which in my experience, need to be read more slowly and carefully than fiction stories. Best of luck this coming November Hayley – which just happens to also be Sci Fi Month!

  7. 302 books for the year & 68 of them nonfiction – that is AMAZING!
    After the Eclipse is a new to me title, but one I’m now adding to my wishlist. I think it’ll be hard reading at times, but so important for the reasons you’ve mentioned and more.
    Happy reading in November!

  8. I love medical nonfiction and I think it’s important that more true crime center the experiences of the victims, so I’ll definitely be checking out both of the books you mentioned.

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