This Week in Books (13 Mar 2019)! What are you reading this week?


Today I’m taking in part in This Week in Books, which was started by Lipsyy Lost and Found! If you want to join in you just need to share what you’re reading now, what you’ve read over the last week, and what you hope to read next.



The Flower Girls by Alice Clark-Platts

I’ve been wanting to read this for absolutely ages and I finally started it last night. I’m already gripped and can’t wait to read more!

The Innocent Man by John Grisham

I started reading this after watching the Netflix series based on it but then I found I just wasn’t in the mood for it so put it to one side. I do want to finish it though so I’ve picked it back up in the last couple of days.

Goodnight Malaysian 370: The Truth Behind The Loss of Flight MH370 by Ewan Wilson

I got this on my Kindle Unlimited trial and it’s an interesting read so far.



Not Fade Away: The Life and Music of Buddy Holly by John Gribbin

I finished reading this book yesterday and it was such a good read. It’s a short book but covers Buddy Holly’s career – I very much enjoyed it.

Hold My Hand by M.J. Ford

This has predominantly been a week of audio books due to headaches and sore eyes (although my head is better than it was). I picked this one after reading Meggy at Chocenwaffles fabulous review of the second book in the series. I have the second book lined up and plan on reading it soon as I loved this first book!

Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward

I was sent an ARC of this but I bought the audio book so I could listen to it and I very much enjoyed it. This is one of those really addictive books that it’s impossible to put down. I’ll be reviewing this for the blog tour later this month but in the meantime I recommend it.

The Guilty Party by Mel McGrath

I really enjoyed the author’s previous novel but this one was even better. I was gripped from start to finish! I will try and review this book really soon.

Entanglement by Katy Mahmood

I had a copy of this from NetGalley but due to my eyes I sought out the audio book on my subscription service. I really enjoyed listening to this, it was am engrossing read that made me think. I loved it!

Welcome to the Heady Heights by David F. Ross

This was such a different read to what I normally read but it was so good! I found it hard to put down. My review is up today so you can check that out if you want to know more!

Past Life by Dominic Nolan

This book was utterly brilliant, I loved it. I’ve already reviewed it so you can see my full thoughts here if you’d like to know more.



Dear Martin by Nic Stone

I didn’t manage to start this over the weekend as I hoped but it’s top of my list for the next couple of days.

Sleep by C. L. Taylor

This book has been calling to me ever since I was sent a copy and I think this week is going to be the week. I can’t wait!

On My Life by Angela Clarke

I love Angela Clarke’s writing so am really keen to read this standalone. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it this week!



What have you been reading this week? I’d love to hear. And if you take part in This Week in Books or WWW Wednesday please feel free to leave your link below and I’ll make sure to visit and comment on your post. 🙂


22 thoughts on “This Week in Books (13 Mar 2019)! What are you reading this week?

  1. What a great selection of books, Hayley, as ever! I’m glad you’re going to give the Grisham another go; I think he’s very talented.

  2. Sooo many books, I don’t know where to start 🙂 Flower Girls is definitely one I’ve been curious about so am happy to hear you’re enjoying it. Will be keeping my eye out for your review.

    I’m also just about to go check out your review for Heady Heights. Ross is local to me and I saw him at the Orenda roadshow in Edinburgh so I’ve been very tempted to give one of his books a read. I did wonder how it would translate, I got the impression his books were very Scotland in the 80’s, but sounds like it wasn’t a problem.

    • The Flower Girls was a such a brilliant read, I finished it yesterday and loved it. Once I’ve got my thoughts together I will definitely review it.
      Heady Heights was also such a great read. It was the first book I’ve read by Ross but I’m definitely going to read his others.

  3. Glad to hear your head’s a bit better. Just finished Paul Gallico’s “Mrs Harris goes to New York” as I was soooooo tired and needed not to be reading Iris Murdoch. I’m currently reading Janet McNeill’s “The Maiden Dinosaur” which is amazingly apt on ageing women and their friendships (eeps) and I will then get back to Iris Murdoch’s “A Word Child” for my Murdoch Readalong (I’ve been changing my opinions on these as I’ve read them yet again and have sort of turned against this one!).

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