2018 Reading Reflections, Statistics and Plans for Tackling My TBR in 2019!

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So this week I’ve posted my favourite novels read in 2018 and my favourite non-fiction books. Yesterday it was Reading Bingo time so today that means it’s my chance to reflect on my reading through 2018 and to share some of my stats!

I always set a reading goal on Goodreads as I enjoy tracking my reading on there throughout the year. I set my 2018 goal at 200 and I’m gobsmacked that in the end I read 290 books! This is the most I’ve read in a year since I started keeping track of my reading so I’m delighted.


The longest book I read in 2018 was Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke – my copy had 1006 pages in it! It’s not my normal type of book but I very much enjoyed it and I flew through it. The shortest book was a Christmas short story called Once Upon a Christmas Eve by Mary Jane Forbes at just 13 pages. I read quite a lot of longish books in 2018 but a lot of the Christmas books I read were short which brought my average page count down a little. I still averaged 324 pages per book over the year though, which I’m really happy with as it means I’m not reading short books to get my numbers up (something I have done in the past!). I actually read 93,863 pages over the year (Goodreads has a couple of books that don’t seem to have a page count).



The above picture shows all of my four and five star reads from 2018. It’s lovely to have read so many great books over a year. I have rated some books lower than that but I just wanted to show the books that I’ve really loved. 🙂


I’m still hooked on tracking my reading on a spreadsheet and actually use two as I found them both online and each one tracks different data (and I’m nowhere near savvy enough to know how to combine them so I shall continue to use them both!).



Out of the 290 books I read last year 222 were by female authors and 60 were by male authors. The remaining 8 were co-authored. In 2017 I read 72% female authors and in 2018 this increase to 78% of my reading. This isn’t conscious and it was a surprise to me that the percentage was so high for female writers. I am wondering if I should try to balance this more this year or whether to carry on just reading as I am and seeing how it goes.



I read fairly steadily throughout the year but my December reading has skewed things a bit. I did read a lot of books in the run up to Christmas but quite a few were really short books or poetry collections so it seems like I read more than I did. Having said that I did read a lot of pages in the month so it’s averaged out.



I am pleased to see that I’ve read a reasonable spread of genres in 2018. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t read more non-fiction over the year – I did read 79 books but that only makes up 26.5% of my reading. I aim for around a third of my reading to be non-fiction so I want to focus more on this in 2019. I did feel like I’ve read a lot of thrillers last year and on this graph you can definitely see that this was my go-to genre over the year. I am pleased that I did get some other fiction, some poetry and even some science fiction in there though as I’m trying to keep trying different things with my reading. Overall I’m happy with the spread of what I read, and most importantly I enjoyed such a lot of what I read.



I’ve been tracking the diversity of the books I’ve read in 2018 because the spreadsheet I used had it on there. It’s quite interesting to see how diverse (or not) my reading has been. I’m pleased that half of the books I read were diverse in some way but part of me wishes the percentage was greater. I don’t want to become too focused on these stats but I will make more effort to read more widely over the year ahead.


My TBR at the start of 2018 was 2757 books (this is print, ebooks and audio combined), which is all the books that I already own but haven’t read yet. I did want to try and be more mindful of my reading to book buying ratio over the year as I wanted to try and get to some of the books that have been on my shelves for a long time. I was hoping to reduce my TBR by around 200 books over the course of the year and so I’m really pleased to see that I ended 2018 with fewer books than I started with! I ended up with 2447 owned books, which is a reduction of 310 so I’m happy with that. This is from a combination of reading so many books over the year but also as part of my decluttering I accepted that there were books on my shelves that had been there for years that just don’t interest me anymore (so they went to the charity shop). In 2019 I think I’ll keep the same approach to my huge TBR – not to be too hard myself but to try and balance reading new books and review books with getting to books that have been languishing on my shelves for a long time.


So all-in-all 2018 was a great reading year and I’m really looking forward to reading my way through 2019 (and attempting to reduce my TBR even further)! How was your reading last year? Did you have any goals, and if so did you achieve them? What are your reading plans for 2019? If you’ve written a post about your reading reflections please feel free to leave a link in the comments and I’ll make sure that I read it.






17 thoughts on “2018 Reading Reflections, Statistics and Plans for Tackling My TBR in 2019!

  1. Absolutely love this post 😍 your info laid out like this is really interesting. I am glad I am not the only one who has read and rated so many books as 5* I know we have read many of the same books, so it’s reassuring. 2018 was such a brilliant year for some amazing books.

  2. As always, I’m stunned at your sheer productivity and ambition! I love your stats and spreadsheets. It makes me think I should be more generous with my five stars as well. I hardely ever give them out, as if I was forging them out of my own blood and bones and only had a tiny infinite amount.

  3. This is great! Where did you get the spreadsheets from? I like the diversity one in particular. I am making more of an effort to track things this year and have started my own spreadsheet but it would be easier to have one someone had already invented! I think you read a lot of non-fiction in comparison to most other book bloggers I read, and the stuff you read is always interesting. Have a good 2019!

  4. 1006 pages?! Impossible for me! I love this post and all the stats 🙂 I use a spreadsheet to keep track of my reads and it gives me a bit of info, but I’m hoping I’ll be better at filling it this year than I was in 2018!

  5. I’m in awe, Hayley! So many different sorts of books you’ve read, and the sheer number of them! I like the way you keep track of everything, too. It’s really efficient and interesting, and I’m sure it helps you focus your reading.

  6. This is so smart and well-presented, Hayley! I’m so impressed with reducing your TBR. Like you, mine is in the thousands, and I would LOVE to make that kind of progress. I’m reading like crazy, but I’m still buying and adding too many books to the TBR!

  7. I love those charts and would love to track stuff like that. I, like you, read far more books by women than men last year, I have no idea why!

  8. I am in awe – 290 books! And I am also very impressed with the range of books that you read. I’m glad someone else tracks their reads like I do:). I don’t use a spreadsheet – I just use a list and then add the data to a series of graphs at the end of the year… But this clearly does all that as you go. I’m interested to see your diversity stats – while I do track my gender stats because in sci fi, female authors tend not to be so well represented, or publicised. I hope that 2019 is equally successful for you, Hayley:)

  9. Woah, I wish I could get through this amount of books in year!! I thought I was doing well with 146 haha. I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell as that’s one of the books that has been languishing on my own shelves and I’m determined to get to it this year! 🙂

  10. That’s definitely an amazing year for reading! I love how organised you are with analysing exactly what you’re reading etc. Feeling very inspired right now.

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