My Weekly Wrap-Up (4 Feb)!

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This week started off okay but has been a bit rubbish latterly. It’s affected my reading and so far I haven’t read a single thing in February – not even a chapter of a book let alone an entire book. I did finish a couple of books before January ended so have read those this week but it’s not been a good week. I’m hoping my concentration returns very soon so that I can get back to my reading.

My MacBook has had another wobble, which has made blogging quite difficult. I’m so glad that I do prepare some posts in advance so that I can edit them on my phone but it makes it hard to keep up with reading blogs and commenting. We think the issue with my MacBook is something to do with a recent software update so it’s trial and error at the moment trying to find a workaround until a patch is released.


This week I’ve finished reading two books:

Spaceman by Mike Massimino

This book was a surprise birthday present from my husband and I adored it. It grabbed me from the first page and I didn’t put this book down from that moment on until I finished it. It’s such an interesting insight into astronaut training at NASA and I think it may well be a book that I re-read at some point.

Winter by Ali Smith

This took me a while to read because my copy was very tightly bound, making it hard for me to hold, but it was actually nice in a way to be forced to read slowly and to savour it because it’s a brilliant novel. I love Ali Smith’s writing and I think this might be my new favourite by her!


This week I’ve blogged four times:

My Weekly Wrap-Up Post

My WWW Wednesday Post

My January Wrap-Up Post

My Birthday Book Haul


This is what I’m currently reading:

A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton

I’ve been intending to start re-reading this series for a little while now but learning of the death of Sue Grafton in December really made me think I needed to make an effort to pick the books up again. I do love Kinsey Millhone, she’s a great character and I’m really enjoying being back in her world.

The Note by Zoe Folbigg

I read the first couple of chapters of this book before I hit my slump and was enjoying it so I’m looking forward to getting back into it.

The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd

This book is really good and I’m so intrigued about where it’s going to go so I’m very keen to pick this back up. I don’t want my mood to affect my reading enjoyment though so I’ve been waiting until my head was in the right place again.

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

I’ve not read anymore of this since last week but I hope to get back to this one very soon as non-fiction is often the thing that gets me back reading after a slump.



How has your week been? What have you been reading? Please share in the comments below. If you write a wrap-up on your blog please feel free to share the link. 🙂




8 thoughts on “My Weekly Wrap-Up (4 Feb)!

  1. Haven’t read any of Sue Grafton’s alphabet stories – you’ve made me think I ought to try…

  2. Very sorry to hear your computer’s been playing you up, Hayley. I hope it’s all sorted soon. In the meantime, I hope this week goes well for you.

  3. Hope your computer is fixed soon! Also Spaceman looks interesting, I’ve always loved the mystery surrounding space and astronauts. I read 3 books this month and they were all wonderful reads. Best of luck for February!

  4. I love the Grafton books, and recently studied the list, realizing that I missed a few in the middle. Yay, now I can read more about Kinsey.

    I have an iPhone, my only Apple product…and those software updates can play havoc with phones, too.

    The Innocent Wife looks good. Enjoy your week and I hope you get your computer fixed soon!


  5. My Mac’s been playing up too, ever since I upgraded to High Sierra (then when that turned the machine into a lump of metal, I did a complete back up to wipe it off – still a couple of glitches and freezes sometimes, but mostly back to normal). Happy Birthday, BTW! 🙂

  6. So sorry to hear things have been difficult for you – well done on doing what you’ve managed to do. We’ll all still be here, as you know!

    I am reading more slowly now I’m back off my holiday and having to do work again! Funny that. And i’m suffering from “freelance who dares to go on holiday” syndrome, with so much to catch up with. But we always get there in the end, even with blog reading lag …!!

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