My Weekly Wrap-Up (28 Jan)!

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This week has been a mixed week really. It was the anniversary of my mum’s death earlier in the week, which hit me harder this year than in previous years. It’s strange how grief can still catch you offguard even after the passing of time.

In happier news my husband took me out for coffee and cake mid-week – it was the first time I’ve left the house since before Christmas (apart from a couple of hospital appointments) so it was really lovely.

It’s my birthday this weekend. I won’t be opening my presents until later on today but there are a few book-shaped parcels so I’m thinking I might have another book haul soon!


This week I’ve finished reading four books:

This is How it Ends by Eva Dolan

I finished this book yesterday and it was so good! I read an ARC so I hope to get my review written and posted very soon but in the meantime I definitely recommend this book!

I Let Him Go by Denise Fergus

I bought this last week and read it the same day. It’s a very moving and honest memoir; a book that will stay with me.

Meeting Lydia by Linda MacDonald

I listened to the audio book of this and really enjoyed it. I got completely swept up in Marianne’s story. I reviewed this book yesterday so you can read more of my thoughts here if you’d like to.

Three Things about Elsie by Joanna Cannon

I read this book last weekend and I still don’t have the words. It was so stunningly beautiful and I already want to read it again. This is my new favourite book and I highly, highly recommend it!


This week I’ve blogged four times:

My Weekly Wrap-Up post

WWW Wednesday post

Stacking the Shelves post

Review of Meeting Lydia by Linda MacDonald


This is what I’m currently reading:

The Break by Marian Keyes

I picked this up yesterday afternoon and am really enjoying it. I wasn’t sure about the premise at first but Marian Keyes’ writing is so lovely that I got completely hooked and am now loving it!

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

I’ve read a couple more chapters of this book this week and am now really in the mood to find some de-cluttering to do. I don’t agree with all of Marie Kondo’s ideas but I still enjoy her books.

Winter by Ali Smith

I was finally able to pick this up again this week and managed to read another chunk of it. I had hoped to finish it yesterday but alas my hands let me down and I couldn’t read a print book. Hopefully I’ll get to read to the end very soon because it really is a brilliant read.


The State of the TBR:

Well, if you saw my Stacking the Shelves post yesterday you will know that I’ve added seven books to my TBR this week. I was good though and have already read one of my new books so only six are being added to the TBR. I’m feeling really pleased with myself though because I also got rid of 24 books over the past week, which means my TBR has actually decreased by seventeen to 2737!





How has your week been? What have you been reading? Please share in the comments below. If you write a wrap-up on your blog please feel free to share the link. 🙂

30 thoughts on “My Weekly Wrap-Up (28 Jan)!

  1. Happy Birthday for this weekend, fellow Aquarian 🙂 I’m having a little bday celebration today in anticipation of mine on Wednesday, you’re lucky you have it during the weekend! I so want to read that Joanna Cannon book, I may have to indulge in buying a hardback! Have a lovely weekend, allow yourself to be thoroughly soiled, you deserve it 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday fellow Aquarian – mine’s tomorrow. My mum died last May – still grieving so the day will be tinged with sadness. It goes without saying that books and reading have helped me cope. Have a beautiful weekend.

  3. Seeing I Let You Go on your blog has intrigued me and I’m going to buy myself a copy. It sounds amazing. Happy Birthday! ❤

  4. Have a lovely birthday, Hayley! And I’m so glad you got the chance to get out a bit this past week. I know what you mean about grief, too. It pays a visit when you least expect. You’ve got some great reads there, so I hope you’ll enjoy them this coming week.

  5. Happy birthday! Enjoy your “book-shaped” packages…lol.

    I like the look of This is How it Ends…and also The Break. I read and enjoyed a book by Marian Keyes, and was surprised by how much I liked it. Three Things About Elsie is also on my list.

    Thanks for sharing, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  6. This is a great reading week for you, Hayley – Three Things About Elsie sounds awesome. I hope you have another good week, both bookwise and healthwise:)

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  8. My mum died around this time of year too, Hayley – eighteen years & it’s still sometimes intense. And it was my birthday too! (30:01) so that’s makes us both Aquarians too! Hoorah! Blessings of the season, lovely lady, good health, peace & love. xXx

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