WWW Wednesday (29 Nov)! What are you reading this week?

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WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. It’s open for anyone to join in and is a great way to share what you’ve been reading! All you have to do is answer three questions and share a link to your blog in the comments section of Sam’s blog.

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

A similar meme is run by Lipsyy Lost and Found where bloggers share This Week in Books #TWiB.


What I’m reading now:

A Ragbag of Riches by James Chilton

I’m really enjoying dipping in and out of this book – it’s a lovely collections of quotations and one that I’ll be keeping hold of after I’ve read it. I’m on the blog tour for this book later this week so look out for my review soon.

Dear Cathy… Love, Mary by Catherine Conlon & Mary Phelan

I haven’t done much reading this week as I’ve been really unwell for most of the last week. I did feel well enough to pick this back up last night and I’m still enjoying it just as much as I was so I’m sure I’ll finish this soon.

The Everything Store by Brad Stone

As I said above I haven’t read much over the last week but I did get a huge chunk of this book read yesterday and am back to being engrossed in it. The chapter I’m on now is all about how the kindle came to be so I’m finding that really interesting.

What I recently finished reading:

Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life by Justine Picardie

I finished this book yesterday afternoon and I’m missing reading it already. It was a wonderful book and one that I’ll be keeping hold of. The hardback edition I read is gorgeous and has loads of fabulous photos throughout so I recommend getting a hold of this version if you are interested in reading more about Coco Chanel.

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

I read the first book in this series in September so have been looking forward to getting to this one ever since. I didn’t love it as much as the first book but it still had me hooked from start to finish. I have the third book on my TBR and it’s set at Christmas so I can’t wait to read that in the next couple of weeks.

Tell Me How It Ends by Valeria Luiselli

I’ve seen this book around and was interested to read it so when I spotted it on my audio book subscription I decided to listen to it. It’s a short book that packs a punch, it’s one that I’ve been thinking about since I finished it last week.


What I plan on reading next:

Wish Upon a Star by Trisha Ashley

I’m going to finish up NonFictionNovember and then I’ll start on my Christmas books! I love the cover on this one and it’s been on my TBR for a couple of years so I’d like to try and read this one soon.

A Miracle at Macy’s by Lynn Marie Hulsman

I was sent this a gift last Christmas and didn’t manage to read it then so I made sure to seek it out on my bookcase when I was thinking about what I wanted to read this Christmas.

Frost at Christmas by R. D. Wingfield

I’ve also had this on my TBR for a while and when I spotted it recently I thought it was a sign I should get it out to read in December! I loved watching A Touch of Frost when it was on TV years ago so I’m really interested to try reading my first Frost novel.


What are you reading at the moment? Have you finished any good books recently? Which books are you looking forward to reading soon? Please feel free to join in with this meme and share your link below, or if you don’t have a blog please share in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (29 Nov)! What are you reading this week?

  1. Am reading Barbara Copperthwaite’s ‘Her Last Secret’and Louise Marlay’s ‘Trust Me I Lie.’ I don’t normally read two of similar genres but there different enough in tone that I’m happy to. Sorry that you’re not feeling great this week and as usual your work ethic and work is amazing amazing amazing and thanks for your WWW, it’s something I look forward to x

  2. All very interesting looking books. Oh, how I envy now. Have been reading a depressing book lately, review coming soon my blog, and I wish I could have some light for a change. Emails, please hold something pleasant. 😑

  3. All you books sound very interesting. Especially the one about Amazon.

    I just started reading, “The Joys of Travel,” by Thomas Swick. I’m enjoying it very much. I can’t travel myself anymore, so I love reading about people who do.

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve not been feeling well, this week, Hayley. I hope you’ll feel better soon. In the meantime, you’ve got some solid reads there! And I see you’ve got some holiday-spirit books coming up, too. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

  5. I’m sorry that you’ve been poorly this week, Hayley. But as ever, an impressive range of books – I love the sound of the Coco Chanel biography and Tell Me How It Ends. I hope the rest of this week will be kinder to you:)

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