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About the Book

One girl’s meteoric rise from sofa to TV stardom! From beloved Gogglebox breakout star, to winner of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, achieving her dream of presenting with Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway and filling Davina’s shoes in the new series of Streetmate, Scarlett is quickly fast-tracking to national treasure status. In what will quite surely be the funniest book of the year, laugh along with Scarlett as she describes her journey from ballroom dancing diva, to adventures with her survivalist Dad, working at ASDA and life as a student. But along with the highs there have been tough times, including bullying during her teenage years. With her typical tenacity and trademark wit, Scarlett pulls through it all. This is our favorite Northerner as we have never heard her before, telling it like it is on EVERYTHING she’s experienced so far. Warm, funny and honest, this is the amazing story that resulted in Scarlett becoming our favorite TV star: sofa, so good!

My Thoughts

I’m going to start this review by saying that I’m a fan of Scarlett Moffatt. We love Gogglebox in our house so I’ve watched her on there and I really enjoyed watching I’m a Celebrity last year when Scarlett was on it. I was thrilled to be offered a copy of her book for review and I’m so happy to say that it was such good fun to read and I adored it!

Scarlett tells her story in chronological order so first we get to learn more about her childhood and it goes all the way through to her job on Saturday Night Takeaway. I was interested to read about how Scarlett was a ballroom dancer in her childhood and to find out all about what that entailed. She had a tough time at school after an accident damaged her front teeth and this began a spate of bullying that really knocked her confidence. I commend Scarlett for speaking out about the bullies, and for not letting them dull her shine, even now as an adult, as it’s good for younger people to hear these stories and to see someone they admire reinforcing that it’s okay to ask for help.

For fans of Gogglebox Scarlett gives some really fun and interesting info about how the filming process works, which I loved finding out about as it was a bit different to how I’d expected it to be.

The thing that really comes through in this book is Scarlett’s love and care for her family. She shares funny stories and poignant moments about them all but the love just radiates from the page. Scarlett seems so down to earth and her family are her priority in life, and she is theirs, and it was so refreshing to read.

At the end of each chapter Scarlett shares a quote that she loves that relates to what she has just written about and I loved those bits. I used to obsessively write down my favourite quotes when I was younger and it was fun to see someone else who loves them too. Scarlett also begins each chapter with three fun facts, which are all quite random but very entertaining and interesting!

I have seen comments questioning whether someone as young as Scarlett has lived enough of life to be writing an autobiography, and I can understand that but I can honestly say that while Scarlett Moffatt is only 27 she has had such a busy life already so there were plenty of stories for her to share that filled her autobiography!

This book has moments that will move you but it has so much that will make you giggle. Scarlett is really open and honest as she tells her story and I really appreciated that. I felt like she was sitting down to have a natter about things that have happened in her life; there is a really warm, chatty style to this book but at the same time it is well-written. Scarlett has been through tough times in her life but her close bond with her family has got her through the difficulties. I love that she used the hard times to really push herself to achieve things in life. She comes across as a very humble, down to earth young woman with a real drive to succeed and a determination to enjoy life.

I read this in one sitting as I was enjoying it so much that I just didn’t want to put it down. I highly recommend this book, it’s such an honest, funny and all-round lovely memoir!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Sofa, So Good: Me Life Story is out now!


10 thoughts on “#BookReview |Sofa, So Good: Me Life Story by @ScarlettMoffatt @BlinkPublishing @FrancescaPear

  1. Very glad to hear you enjoyed this. So often, memoirs like that come off as really self-serving. I’m glad that this one didn’t. It sounds like fun!

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  3. This does sound like good fun, I’m going to keep my eyes out for a copy. Presumably she wrote it with someone – does that person get a credit on the title page? I’m fussy about these things just because I work with ghostwriters and know how hard they work!

      • Ghostwriters are really really good at getting the voice of the person so the book sounds like them – alongside a good transcriber! I’m glad it feels like her book as that means either she or they have done a great job.

  4. I am always weary about celebrity memoirs. I sometimes feel like they are written for more publicity and I always wonder if it is the celebrity themselves writing it. I am glad that you enjoyed this one and that it sounds like it does not hit any of my dislikes as far as memoirs go.

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