#BookReview: The Breakdown by B. A. Paris


About the Book:

If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?

It all started that night in the woods.

Cass Anderson didn’t stop to help the woman in the car, and now she’s dead.

Ever since, silent calls have been plaguing Cass and she’s sure someone is watching her.

Consumed by guilt, she’s also starting to forget things. Whether she took her pills, what her house alarm code is – and if the knife in the kitchen really had blood on it.

Bestselling author B A Paris is back with a brand new psychological thriller full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

My Thoughts:

The opening of this book properly gave me the creeps. The idea of driving down a dark lane on a rainy night, knowing you’re in the middle of nowhere, and then seeing a car parked up, or possibly broken down in a lay by, is really unnerving to me. Cass sees the car and is unsure what to do, she stops and tries to see if anyone is in the car. It felt like the opening to a horror movie and I was really on edge wondering what was going to happen next, whilst at the same time being nervous to read on. Cass makes the decision that I think a lot of people on their own on a night like that would make, and that is to drive on, but this decision has consequences that no one could forsee and it sets this novel up brilliantly!

The following day Cass’s husband tells her that a woman has been murdered in the lay-by and she can’t bring herself to admit to being there. Cass then becomes convinced that someone may have seen her that night and may now be watching her. She starts receiving strange phone calls and becomes increasingly anxious. The problem Cass has is like the old adage… just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. As a reader you’re aware that some of what Cass is anxious about is genuine because we’re in the know but other things we can’t be sure if she’s being paranoid.

The Breakdown is a book that’s fast-paced and easy to read but at the same time it does ramp up the tension, and it genuinely had me on edge at times. It was a book that I didn’t want to put down though because I really wanted to know what was going to happen and I read it in one sitting. This book does require suspension of disbelief at times, and I did work out the ending quite early on, but it’s such an engrossing read and it has many twists and turns that will have you second-guessing yourself all the way through. The ending is satisfying and does tie everything up nicely.

The Breakdown is out now and I highly recommend buying a copy!

I received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

29 thoughts on “#BookReview: The Breakdown by B. A. Paris

  1. Here in the US, we have to wait a while before this one releases. I feel as though I’ve been waiting forever! I loved Behind Closed Doors, so as soon as I heard about the author’s newest book, I was on pins and needles.

    Thanks for sharing…and making me want it even more.

  2. I’ve been back and forth on this one. I really liked Behind Closed Doors and that also required some suspension of disbelief, so I just might give this one a try next time I’m in the mood for suspense. Thanks for the great review!

    • I’ve not read Behind Closed Doors as yet so this was my first book by BA Paris. I did really enjoy it but you do have to be prepared to suspend disbelief for some of it. I think when I read it I needed escapism and it was great for that. Thank you.

  3. Adding on GR. I have yet to read the author’s work, but this sounds like a great starting point for me. I love the whole opening up on such a high creep factor! Sounds like this would translate to film well?

  4. A similar thing happened to me one night. I was driving back to my mother when I saw a car left on the side of the road, there was no light except for my car’s and the moon, and it was creepy, but I forced mu hubby to park and we went to check no one was in there because I was afraid there had been an accident, but the car was empty.. Never heard of it after that but I still remember it and it gives me goosebumps! And I wasn’t even alone!!! I love the creepy vibe of the book but I’ve seen mixed reviews about the book so I’ve delayed my reading of the copy I have. The realism lover in me might have issues with some points! Great review!

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