My Birthday Book Haul!


It was my birthday at the weekend and I was very lucky to receive lots of lovely new books so wanted to do a haul post.

My husband gave me 21 books! Some of them he chose from my wish list but others were brilliant surprises. I’m very excited to read all of my new books but I have to be honest and admit to an immediate favourite because it’s such a beautiful book.


It’s Well-Read Women by Samantha Hahn. I’d not heard of this book before but it’s a perfect gift for a book lover. Samantha has picked some iconic women from literature and a favourite quote by them, and has then painted their portrait. I’ve added a photo of one of the spreads so you can see how gorgeous this book is. This is definitely a book that I’ll treasure.


This was such a great surprise pick for me. I read Sebastian Barry’s Secret Scripture last year and really enjoyed it so I was really wanting to read this one. My husband must have had great foresight to pick this up for me as it won the Costa Book award this week!


These are two books that caught my eye online recently as I really wanted to read them both so added them to my wish list. They’re both huge hardbacks so will have to wait until I feel a bit stronger but I’m really looking forward to reading them.


These were two surprise books and both are perfect picks for me. I love Chris Bohjalian’s novels so am thrilled to have this one in hardback. It’s a beautiful book, the photo I’ve taken doesn’t do the cover justice. I’ve already started reading this one and am very much enjoying it. Whitegirl sounds fascinating and I’m looking forward to reading it.


These three children’s books are lovely. The Literature Book has lots of snippets about books and some great quotes in it, it’s perfect for me to flick through when I’m not feeling well enough to read a book. The Teddy Robinson Storybook is one my mum used to read to me when I was little but my copy got lost many years ago. This is part of the same series as my copy of The Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse that I got for my birthday last year so I’m really happy to have matching editions. The Dylan Thomas book is a gorgeous clothbound hardback, with lovely illustrations. This will definitely be on my December TBR for this year!



I really like the Penguin Little Black Classics so these were great choices for me. He picked up books by three classic authors that I love and all three of these books are ones I’ve never read before.



I’ve never read any Angela Thirkell but she’s an author that I’ve heard great things avid recently so I asked for a selection of her novels. I’m really looking forward to starting these lovely Virago editions.



The Regeneration trilogy by Pat Barker is another set of books that I’ve wanted to read for ages and have never got around to so I put these on my wishlist too. I hope to read these soon.


Edna O’Brien has been an author I’ve wanted to read for the last couple of years but quite a few of her books seem to be out of print. I was so happy to receive these three books from my wish list and I really can’t wait to start reading!




My husband also got me David Bowie’s Let’s Dance on CD. This is one of first albums I loved as a child, and whilst I fully acknowledge that it’s not his best work it is the album that made me love his music, and as I got older I gradually bought and fell in love with every single album he made. I can’t play records anymore as I don’t have the dexterity in my hands to use the turntable so I’m really happy to have this on CD again!


I also received this gorgeous bouquet of flowers that had a lovely box of chocolates with them!

My lovely mum-in-law came round to see in my on my birthday and she gave me, amongst other things, some Amazon vouchers and I’m so tempted to spend them on some new books but am trying to resist for now!

I wasn’t well enough to go out and celebrate my birthday but still had a really lovely day at home. Books are such an amazing gift, especially for someone who’s housebound most of the time, as they are a gift that lasts for such a long time.


I’ll still be joining in with Stacking the Shelves tomorrow as I have bought a couple of audio and ebooks this week so look out for that post then.



58 thoughts on “My Birthday Book Haul!

  1. Fabulous book haul Hayley, a real variety that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. Love the covers on the Angela Thirkell books and am quite intrigued by The Literature Book. – No need to say enjoy, I think that’s a given ☺

  2. What a lovely lot of books you have there!! And what an assortment, too! I’m so happy for you, and I’m sure you’ll have a great year of reading ahead. I look forward to your posts about the books.

  3. Belated Happy birthday and those gifts are wow! Those flowers are lovely, too! ❤

  4. Happy birthday! What amazing family you have….from the actual books as gifts, to the Amazon gift cards. My family wouldn’t even attempt to buy actual books for me (LOL), but they are quite good at giving those Amazon cards.


    I haven’t read that Bohjalian book, so I’m checking it out.

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful husband and mum-in-law – they really do spoil me. My family rarely bought me books but my mum-in-law is a reader so she gets the book thing, and my husband collects records so he understands why you can never have too many of the things you love.

  5. What an amazing book haul, Hayley:). He’s definitely a Keeper, with an eye for books like that… I haven’t encountered Lady Susan by Jane Austen, so I shall be looking out for that one.

  6. Wow! How exciting! Wonderful book haul and hope that you had an awesome birthday! Enjoy!

  7. Your hubby is a keeper!! 🙂 I am happy you were able to have a nice day, happy belated birthday sweet Hayley! xx
    I NEED Watching the English, it sounds so interesting and I’m always curious about the differences between our countries despite the small separation between us.

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