Stacking the Shelves (7 May)


(Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews, which is all about sharing the books that you’ve acquired in the past week – ebooks or physical books, and books you’ve bought or borrowed or received an ARC of.)

This week I’ve bought some new books:


Distress Signals by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Distress Signals has been on my radar for ages as I’ve seen so many book bloggers tweeting about how good it is. I pre-ordered it a couple of weeks ago so was very pleased when it arrived on my Kindle this week. I want to read it very soon, hopefully I can fit it in in-between review books.

The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Router Hapgood

This is another book that I’ve seen on quite a few book blogs in recent weeks. I love YA fiction and this one sounds like it could be a little different to others I’ve read so I’m really looking forward to it.

Saving Phoebe Morrow by Herta Feely

This was an impulse buy as I liked the cover and then when I read the synopsis it sounded great.

Willow Walk by S. J. I. Holliday

This is another of my pre-orders that arrived this week and I can’t wait to read it. It has been on an introductory offer price of 99p on Kindle so worth grabbing a copy soon if you’re interested in reading it.

Where Did I go? Rediscovering My Identity, Lost After a Traumatic Brain Injury by Polly Williamson 

This was an Amazon recommendation and I decided to buy it as I’m very interested in reading these kind of memoirs at the moment due to my own medical situation. I didn’t have a brain injury, but I still suspect that I will be able to relate to a lot of this book. I definitely want to read this very soon.

Books I got in the Kindle sale:

Where They Found Her by Kimberley McCreight

This book has been on my wish list for a while but I’ve been unsure whether to buy it or not so when I saw it in the sale I decided to give it a go.

The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango

This is my other sale purchase from this week. I’ll be honest and admit that I bought it because the title has me very intrigued, it seemed worth a punt for 99p. I still haven’t read the synopsis as I quite like the idea of starting this knowing nothing about it.

Books I got as part of my Kindle Unlimited Subscription:

Blood Defense by Marcia Clark

This was one of the books in the Kindle First (where you get to choose one book free from a selection of six as part of Amazon Prime membership) offer in April and I was torn between this book and another one, and in the end I chose the other one. So I was really pleased when this then went into Kindle Unlimited!

Weekend Immune System by Holly Tierney-Bedford

I saw this book reviewed on a blog this week and immediately went to grab a copy. This is a like the choose  your own adventure stories that were around when I was a child, and I loved those books, so I couldn’t resist this one. Apparently there are quite a few endings and not all are happy so I can’t wait to read this!

How To Throw Your Life Away by Laurie Ellingham

This is another book that I’ve seen favourably reviewed on quite a few blogs in recent weeks so I decided to download a copy on my Kindle.

Books I received for review:


SockPuppet by Matthew Blakstad

I requested this on Net Galley this week (I’m supposed to be on a self-imposed ban but this showed up on the front page when I logged in to give feedback on another book so I couldn’t resist it!) as it’s a book I’ve been so keen to read. I think it’s due to be published in a couple of weeks so I’m going to try and read and review it either before or around publication day.

Last Light by C. J. Lyons

I was thrilled to be offered a copy of this for review as I’ve seen bloggers I trust recommending it so really wanted to read it too. I’ll be reading this quite soon.

Cold Calling by Russell Mardell

I received a lovely email from the author of this book a couple of days ago asking if I’d like to review his book. I jumped at the chance as I’ve seen this book being talked about on social media and it sounded like one I’d really enjoy. I really hope I can read this soon, it’s one I’m really looking forward to.

So, that’s all of my new books from the past week. Have you bought any new books recently? Tell me all in the comments below, or if you have a stacking the shelves post on your blog feel free to post the link below too.:)

My weekly wrap up post will be on my blog tomorrow so please look out for that.

19 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (7 May)

  1. Distress Signals did receive good reviews, it is patiently waiting on my wishlist. I am really interested in How To Throw Your Life Away. I did not know it was available on Kindle Unlimited. Here’s another reason to subscribe! I love the idea of not knowing a thing before starting a book. It can be a little risky but it’s fun to live life dangerously, haha.

    • I’ve noticed that Kindle Unlimited has a much better selection of books these days – I’ve even found some new releases in there that were on my wish list so it’s definitely worth looking in to.
      I mostly read the synopsis before deciding to buy a book but occasionally a title will grab me and especially if the book is in the sale it’s worth taking a risk! Hopefully it’ll be a good read! 🙂

  2. The cover for Distress Signals reminds of a this YA book… I forgot but am sure am gonna stalk Goodreads later on for it. I thought of getting the Kindle Unlimited but there’s just too many free books in Netgalley that I keep putting it off. I see now why it’s such hit! 😀

    • Kindle Unlimited is worth getting, I definitely get my money’s worth out of it every month. It has a mix of older and new books on it that you can’t often get on NetGalley so it’s nice to have access to both. 🙂

  3. The Square Root of Summer is on my to-read list. I only discovered it this week, but I really want to read it. I’m not familiar with the rest of these, but I hope you love them all. Happy Saturday!

  4. It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who fails at netgalley bans!! I haven’t really seen anything about any of these books so look forward to seeing your thoughts and finding out more!

    Thanks for stopping by mine earlier!

  5. These all look awesome….I have a copy of Blood Defense and can’t wait to read it. I loved Where They Found Her. Enjoy your week…and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Thank you. 🙂
      I hope to read The Square Root of Summer soon, it just sounds a bit different to other YA that’s around at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be a good read.
      Thanks for leaving your link, I’ll go read your post now. 🙂

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