My March Wrap-Up Post (2016)

Monthly Wrap-Up

Well, March has been a better month reading-wise and also personally. Personal news first, in case you’ve missed it, is that I finally got a stairlift fitted in my home, which means I can now safely go up and down the stairs on my own. I fought against this for so long and the minute it was in I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. It’s brilliant to be able to go downstairs whenever I want to without needing help on the stairs. 

I’ve been reading a lot more again during March, which is such a relief. My reading slump had been going on since the end of December and was starting to feel like it might never end. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to get my pain levels under any sort of control a lot of the time so I still can’t read as fast as before, or for as long a period as I lose concentration much more easily but it is great to be able to lose myself in a book even for just a short while at a time. I tend to spend my days reading a while, blogging a while, resting a longer while and then repeating! My blog really takes it out of me, it’s painful to type and it’s hard to think clearly but it gives me such a sense of having achieved something in my day that I refuse to give it up.

I managed to read seventeen books this month (well, sixteen books and a short story), which is not as many as I would have hoped but is way more than the previous two months when I was going through a major reading slump so I’m pleased at what I read. I’ve managed to review seven of these books so far, the ones I’ve reviewed are at the top of my list and have links so you can click to read them if you’d like to. I hope to review the other books but it’ll depend on time and my health situation.

Time to Say Goodbye by SD Robertson

Sisters and Lies by Bernice Barrington

Quicksand by Steve Toltz

You Sent Me A Letter by Lucy Dawson

Ghostbird by Carol Lovekin

The Missing by CL Taylor

The Stylist by Rosie Nixon

Bone by Bone by Sanjida Kay

A Woman in a Million by Monica Wood

The Art of Wearing Hats by Helena Sheffield

A Proper Family Christmas by Chrissie Manby

Sally Ride by Lynn Sherr

A Mother’s Reckoning by Sue Klebold

When She Was Bad by Tammy Cohen

Between You and Me by Lisa Hall 

The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood

The Good Mother by AL Bird


I also reviewed three other books that I read in February but didn’t manage to review until March:

The Silent Girls by Ann Troup 

Look At Me by Sarah Duguid

The Butcher’s Hook by Janet Ellis


I was very lucky this month that I got to interview four authors on my blog. You can read them all at the links below:

Janet Ellis (author of The Butcher’s Hook)


Carol Lovekin (author of Ghostbird)


Caroline James (author of Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean and Me) 


East of Coker banner (2)

Andy Owen (author of East of Coker)



Also on my blog I featured a lovely guest post by Elle Turner (author of Tapestry) and took part in a cover reveal for The Joyce Girl by Annabel Abbs


Then to round off what has been a brilliant month of blogging, I wrote a blog post this week about keeping books for the right moment (you can read that here) and it has become one of the most read posts on my blog and is the most liked so I’m thrilled about that. I’m not very confident in writing posts, I usually stick to reviews, so it was really lovely that something I wrote struck such a chord with some of my readers. 

My blog is still growing, which is brilliant. I’ve been blogging for about seven months now and enjoy it so much, I couldn’t imagine not being a blogger now!

Over the course of the next month on my blog I want to make a new blog header, and to make some new headers for my posts. My husband is much better at taking photos than me so he’s very kindly agreed to take some pics of my favourite books so that we can make them into some nicer headers. I’m looking forward to getting that done. I do keep pondering about changing my WP theme as I’ve never really liked this one, but I know how to make changes in this theme and how to keep it up to date so I’m reluctant to mess about with that just at the moment. Hopefully a new header will at least brighten things up a bit!



So, that was my month! How was your March? Has it been a book-filled month for you? Please feel free to share in the comments below, or to leave a link to your own March Wrap-Up post.

35 thoughts on “My March Wrap-Up Post (2016)

  1. You have been extremely active both in reading and blogging, so well done, you put us all to shame, especially since you’ve been struggling with pain.

  2. I’m so glad you got your freedom around the house back! 🙂 and I hope doctors can find a way to help with the pain level, I can only imagine how exhausting it can be for you. Still, you managed to have an awesome reading month, 16 books is impressive!
    I am looking forward to seeing your new header 🙂 I’m slowly learning about pictures and stuff, it’s so hard when you don’t feel like you’ve got the creative vibe!
    Now I am supposed to be writing my monthly wrap-up, but I’m drinking tea in bed instead!

    • Thank you, I hope something can be done soon.
      I’m rubbish with creative stuff, I just don’t have an eye for how to make things look good at all. My husband is much better at taking photos so hopefully he’ll be able to help me come up with something good. Anything will be better than what I have now anyway.
      I hope you manage to get your wrap-up post written, I’ll look forward to reading it. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing with us and I am glad to hear you have a much easier freedom around your house now! I love your blog for the very reason that you have made it so personal and enjoy reading all your posts. I haven’t been blogging for long (my first proper post was Feb 26th!) And I love all the support and camaraderie from fellow bloggers like you so thank you x

    • Thank you so much, that’s really lovely of you to say. I’ve only been blogging for about seven months so I’m still quite a newbie but it is really lovely how supportive everyone is. Your blog is great, I always enjoy reading your posts so am more than happy to share them. x

      • I can’t believe you have only been blogging for 7 months!!!! You have over 300 followers which is amazing! I always assumed no one ever really reads what I write! I do love the blogging community-so much support isn’t there x

        • It amazes me that anyone followed my blog but it keeps on growing. I try to keep up with posts in my reader and to like and share things that I’ve enjoyed reading. There is so much support, it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. x

  4. I have to say I love reading your blog because it’s not just about books it allows us to see the person behind the blog. Here’s wishing you have another good month x

  5. I’m glad you got the stairlift installed. There is some halfway decent software out there (if you don’t have too much of an accent) that’s good at translating spoken word to text. Have you ever given it a go? You have to speak slowly, but it could be worth it.

    I feel you on the pain levels interrupting your reading and such. Mine’s currently under control, but I suffer from Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy so me and pain are old friends.

    Hope next month is a good month! Here’s my March Wrap-Up.

    • Thank you. I’m just looking into voice software at the moment. I’ve always found it hard to use in the past but I’ve heard that it is getting much better. Thanks for suggesting it. 🙂
      I’m so sorry that you suffer from a condition causing awful pain too, but I’m glad you have it controlled. I’m waiting to see a pain specialist for a medication overhaul so I’m hoping that will be helpful.
      I’ll go have a look at your post now. 🙂

  6. Good to hear you are able to get up and down stairs now – sorry to hear you are in so much pain though – wonderful selection of books for March too, including a few snaps with my reads

  7. I love reading your blog. Your choices of books and the way you talk about them are great. I’m so pleased to hear that you’ve had a better month personally and on the reading front too.

  8. So glad you hear your reading slump is over:). You have had a great March – what a lovely range of books you’ve read and I’m not surprised your blog is growing – your site is attractive, well presented with great content. Happy reading in April and I hope your pain doesn’t hinder your enjoyment of life too much.

    • Thank you so much. It was such a relief when I was able to enjoy reading again after two months of struggling. I’m still having days where I can’t read but that’s more due to pain at the moment. Thank you also for the lovely comment about my blog, I really do appreciate that. I hope you have a lovely April too. 🙂

    • The Sally Ride biography was a great read. I should really review it at some point but I can say it’s one I would recommend to everyone because it covers so much – she had such a fascinating life.

  9. March sounds like a solid win for you. I am so glad the lift is working well and that it is helping you, You read some great books this month and I’m glad your little piece of the internet is giving you some positive vibes. Have a great April! My March Wrap-Up

    • When She Was Bad was really good. I’m probably going to post my review in the next few days. I’ll go read your post now – I’m sorry I’m slow getting to it, I wasn’t around yesterday as I wasn’t well so I’m catching up today.

  10. Thats wonderful news that you are able to get around better now with the addition of the stair lift. And 17 books in one month is a great accomplishment.
    All the best to you in April!

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