Review: Don’t Jump by Vicki Abelson

Don't Jump by Vicki Abelson

Don’t Jump is a work of fiction about Andi Stone. The novel is written like a memoir and is set out in a linear fashion. It is told in snapshots of her life, each story is a different length but it focuses on an aspect of her life and then it moves on to the next part. I loved how it was set out, it meant you could easily dip in and out of the book but actually, honestly, once you start reading it quickly becomes near impossible to put down as the writing is just so engaging.

Andi has worked as a comedian, and as a club and music promoter. She has been through her fair share of relationships and on the surface she seems to have a really fun life. I’m sure there were many, many fun times but there is a lot more reflection than I was expecting, a lot of nostalgia, a lot of wondering if she is doing the right thing, wondering if she is with the right man. She consults psychics and is very much led by what they tell her, especially with regards to men.

I expected this book to be very funny, and don’t get my wrong there are a lot of very funny things that happen in this book, but what I didn’t really expect was the self-doubt, the insecurity and the sadness. It’s the pathos in this book is what made is stand out for me.

The novel is ultimately a book about self-awareness, about how sometimes a person knows that what they’re doing isn’t right for them but somehow they can’t seem to stop. Andi often seems to be standing on the sidelines watching her own life descend into something she doesn’t want it to be but is powerless to stop it happening.

It was impossible not to feel a connection to Andi. She lives in this different world, surrounded by celebrities and it’s so far removed from my life and yet I could understand what she was going through, I could feel her pain. She felt like a real person to me and every time something went wrong in her life I was willing her to be ok.

Vicki Abelson is a very funny writer, the humour in this book is brilliant. There were laugh out loud moments. There were moments of toe-curling awkwardness that made me cringe and yet I still couldn’t stop laughing. I hope she goes on to write more novels, I’ll definitely be buying them if she does.

I’m so glad I got the chance to read this book; it was everything I hoped it would be and so much more besides. I rate it 4.5 out of 5 and highly recommend that you go buy it!

I received this book from the Get Red PR in exchange for an honest review.

Don’t Jump is out now and available from Amazon.

9 thoughts on “Review: Don’t Jump by Vicki Abelson

  1. Laura@125Pages the book is very new and do not believe it’s in libraries yet. But, please request it. Hope you’ll read it.

    Thanks for this stupendous review!

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  3. I hope so, too. Thanks so much Cara for adding it to your list and rathertoofondofbooks for your stellar recommendation.

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