Books about grief: A list I made on Riffle

I recently joined a website for book lovers, it’s called Riffle. It’s a great site where you can share what you’re reading, share your reviews and make lists of books for others to check out.

One of the first lists I made was one I was unsure about sharing because it’s not a cheery, fun list but it is a list that I think would be helpful to people. It’s a list of books about grief. I shared it and have already had lots of comments about how glad people are that I made the list and how they wished they’d had this list to refer to when they had lost a loved one.

The books on the list are the books that I found to be the most helpful when my mum died. Some are books that I read in the first year when I was struggling to come to terms with losing her. Some are books that I’ve read more recently and wished they’d have been out when I was mired in grief. I know not all books feel the same for everyone but I’ve share a mix of fiction, non fiction and biography in the hope that there is something for everyone. I have also only shared books that I have read so I feel sure in my recommendation. If you have any recommendations of books that helped you through a loss please share them in the comments below and I will look them up with a view to adding them to the list. I just want there to be a go-to list that people can access that might offer them some solace, or at least the knowledge that they are not alone.

Click here to join Riffle: Riffle Invitation

Click here to view my list of books about grief: Riffle Lists Books about Grief

**UPDATE 16th October 2015**

My list on Riffle just got picked up and linked to by none other than BOOK RIOT, I am so thrilled that this list may reach so many more people who may be helped or comforted by it. Link to Book Riot post is here: Book Riot List: Books about Grief

3 thoughts on “Books about grief: A list I made on Riffle

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